Most of my creations reflect my personal experiences and experiments. ON THE FIELD leathercraft, as I chose to name it, or adventure and exploration leathercraft, entails courage, perseverance, an ongoing strive to better oneself. It also involves something else: putting things to the test. Trialing in the natural environment in which the items are meant to be employed, regardless of the terrain,weather or conditions of use. No effort is spared in order to grasp a product’s limitations and mainly its benefits. My passion for the great outdoors, recently enhanced by opening my BRUCKER CRAFTS workshop in a natural setting, fully grants me the opportunity to conduct such trials. To this I should add the unconditional support from my close friends as we address matters of design together.

Most importantly, what completes and perfects the manufacturing process is my interaction with my customers and future users. Through discussions and design sketches, I strive to understanding their desires and expectations so that the end product occasions a lifetime of unique, comfortable user experiences.