Opened in the autumn of 2019, Brucker Crafts Workshop came as a necessity, many points of view considered. First of all, its welcoming and generous space can accommodate between 5 to 10 persons to the leathercraft classes, depending to each season. The natural setting, away from the city hustle and bustle,provides the constant possibility of using, testing and enhancing the products. Also, the workshop’s carbon footprint is very small and the actual manufacturing of the products does not need electricity. Therefore, our workshop is thriving, like any other soul project, in perfect harmony with the nature that integrates it.

The participants can experiment with various techniques directly outdoors, from starting a fire to water purification, building improvised shelters and foraging, using Brucker Crafts gear, under our guidance.

Our workshop is always busy with ongoing projects and gatherings for and with enthusiasts, families and specialists.